IR Reflecting Filters

We produce several types of Heat Reflecting Filters using Durable multi-layer Dielectric coatings.
By adding these filters directly to the beam path, the temperature can be reduced by effectively reflecting IR radiation while transmitting more than 85% of the visible spectrum.
Some of these filters also provide the added benefit of UV suppression.

By varying the angle of incidence the exact cut-on and cut-off points can be shifted. The slanting angle of incidence leads to a shift of the cut-off slope to shorter wave lengths.

Construction Features : Durable multi-layer dielectric coatings, low absorption characteristics, environmentally-stable, robust and easy-to-clean
Substrate :Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass, 1 mm thick. Available in sizes ranging from 10 X 10 mm to 160 X 110 mm. Custom Fabrications on request.