Ion Assisted Depositions (IAD)
And Ion Beam Pre-cleaning/etching (IBC)

Ion Assisted Depositions Of Thin Films.
Using our versatile Kaufman-type Ion Beam Source we can now grow the highest quality thin-films with many unique properties.
Films of high bond strength to substrates. Films of reduced stress.
Films of high packing densities (such as for passivation films).
Optical layers of increased refractive indices & transmission.
Improved step coverage & coating parts of intricate shapes.
Influence stoichiometry in various beneficial ways.
Reactive deposition of dense passivation layers such as Silicon Nitride & Silicon Monoxide.

Ion Beam Pre-cleaning Process :
By employing this process we can, remove native contaminants and/or oxides on the substrates that otherwise may inhibit adhesion & electrical contact, form superior Schottky Barriers/and ohmic contacts.
Produce films of very high bond strength to substarates such as Aluminum Nitride, Sapphire, Zinc Sulphide, etc.