Thin film Depositions Under Oxygen Partial Pressure:
(With Ion Beam Pre-cleaning and Ion Assisted Depositions)

We can now grow highest quality thin film layers under precisely controlled oxygen partial pressures, either by Electron Beam or by Thermal Evaporation processes.
This process can be used to deposit stoichiometric layers of oxides from source materials that are prone to dissociation during evaporation or to form oxides reactively during depositions.
By employing ion Assisted Deposition process, films of very high packing densities with improved refractive indices can be grown.

The following are some of the oxide layers we can now deposit using this process :
1.  Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3)
2.  Silicon Dioxide ( SiO2)
3.  Magnesium Oxide
4.  Titanium Dioxide ( TiO2)
5.  Iron Oxide
6.  Niobium Oxide
7.  Tantalum Oxide
8.  Tungsten Oxide
9.  Zirconium dioxide
10. Ruthenium Oxide