Custom Designed Thin-Film Circuits :

We design and fabricate, application-specific Thin-Film resistor/conductor circuits on various Ceramic and Quartz substrates for micro-electronic applications.
Some of the Resistor layers we can deposit are :
Nlchrome (Nl/Cr)
Sichrome (Si/Cr)
Tantalum Nitride, Etc.
Stoichiometry of the films are computer-controlled to achieve the desired TCR & Sheet resistance values. Passivation layers are applied where necessary.
Conductive patterns : These are usually made up of several layers, chosen to meet complex requirements of adhesion, diffusion barrier, contact resistance, solderability, thermal management, etc.
Some of the conductive systems are Ti/Pd/Au, Ti-W/Ni/Au, Cr/Ni/Au, Cr/Cu/Au, Ti/Pt/Au etc.
Multiple layers are deposited without breaking the vacuum, for high reliability.